Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cadbury World

Nothing is cooler than a surfer dude made out of chocolate! Of course our whole day at Cadbury World was awesome. The awesomeness started as soon as we got out of the car. The air smelled of yummy chocolate. The smell was so strong you could almost taste the creamy chocolate. 
We had be trying to go to Cadbury World for almost two months, but they request you book your tickets in advance. We finally succeeded at securing tickets, so we made the hour and a half journey up to Birmingham to tour the factory. From my understanding it was a lot like Hershey World. You got to tour various parts of the factory while they continuously hand you chocolate bars or cups of melted chocolate. At one point we were able to take our cup of melted chocolate and add our choice of candy into it to make our own chocolate creation. We saw how they packaged the products, saw them going down the conveyer belt, and even saw them create some beautiful chocolate creations.

They even had a giant chocolate Easter egg which we were convinced Lexi would fit inside. We had a good five minute conversation about the pros and cons about being shoved in a chocolate egg. Finally we decided the mess was not worth the benefit for someone who had long hair, but for the boys it would be more ideal.

Overall the tour was a lot of fun, and everyone enjoyed it. There was a lot of movies to watch, but they made each one interesting in its own way. One movie had the seats would shake and another was holographic. Cadbury World certainly had a fun way of putting out a lot of information. They were set up to handle large groups, and it was crowded at times. For those touring during the summer you might consider walking the factory grounds which had various buildings to look at or go in. They also had a small playground, but it appeared they were expanding the playground and picnic section.

Of course the main attraction is the gift shop that sells factory discounted chocolate. For the most part it seemed the discount just took off the transportation costs of shipping the chocolates to stores. There was a small section with deep discounts that even had a factory seconds bags of random chocolate goodies. We got two bags of those :)