Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas at Hughenden Manor

We have a pass that allows us to get into old houses through the country. During the holidays they have various events going on. This place was close by and had a few Christmas events going on.

Lexi and Misty played around in the gardens for awhile playing follow the leader.

Then they had a little train ride that Misty loved.

Adding the pine sprigs

Lexi helping me with the wreath
Misty helping out

Next we made wreaths by bending wooden sticks into a circle and adding pine layers and holy bushes.

Then we went off to see Santa. They do Santa visits different than in the states. First off you have to pay, this one was £6 but it was worth it...and you will see why later. All the kids wait in a room full of crafts. When it is your turn you get escorted to the door to the hallway where Santa is located (or that is how this one worked). Once there you were alone with Santa for however long you want. It is just a personal time with Santa. You can take all the pictures you want, and Santa just sits and talks to you.

Misty was pretty scared.

She just covered her mouth and wouldn't go near him.

Santa was very nice, understanding, and patient. In the end he reaches into his bag of goodies.

Misty walks away with a gift and she is pretty excited about that.

This is the hallway we walked down to get to Santa.

She opens her gift and finds a dolphin hand puppet.

She loves her new toy, and we think she understands it came from Santa.