Sunday, February 20, 2011

TGI Fridays - A Taste of Home

We decided to not go on any big adventure this weekend because we are trying to save up money to go to France for a week in April. However, with the kids being off from school for the week we decided we should try and go somewhere. We decided to take in a movie, and we decided on Gnomeo and Juliet. Well honestly we were going to make a day trip to Cadbury World and see a chocolate factory, but we learned the hard way you have to book that in advance if you want to get in. So to make sure we got into the movies we decided to order our tickets online. Interesting thing about going to the movies here, when you buy your tickets you actually have to pick which seat to sit in. If you want to sit in the middle then you have to buy VIP tickets, which cost a few dollars more. 
The directions said that the cinema was 8 miles away and should take 20 minutes to get to, but we left a half hour ahead of time to make sure we got there in time for the movie. We did not expect to sit in traffic for an hour, so we missed the beginning of the movie. Thankfully the manager was very nice and switched our tickets to the later showing, but we had to kill an hour and a half. We thought no problem, there was a bowling alley next door. We go up and they asked if we had a reservation, and were then informed that we could not bowl because they were booked up for the evening. We had an errand to run, so we went to the hardware store and managed to kill the right amount of time. 
As we go into the theater, there is a whole wall of mix and match candy and on the opposite side a Ben & Jerry's shop. We had a hard time deciding, but once we realized that our "scoop" of ice cream was more like a spoonful for £3 it seemed like a no brainer to get the candy. Of course if it were up to me we wouldn't get anything because I feel like movie theater concession stands are a big rip off, but I cannot deny Ray oh lover of movie theaters. 
The concession stand had pretty much the same types of foods that an American theater would have. The difference is there was more drink options, they really get into bottled drinks here, and there was no boxes of candy because they had the mix and match candy wall. Of course for those who do not wish to wait in the que (line) at the concession stand, they have a wheeled cart they bring to the screening room with snacks. 
On the way home we found a TGI Fridays, which is one of my more favs from back home aside from Joe's Crab Shack of course. Anyways, we go in and they have their menus posted so we see what they have. It seems that the UK version has a lot of American foods, which was a relief because British food is terrible. It was a 45 minute wait because they had two birthday parties going on. As we waited we realized these parties were for kids about 8 years old with probably 12 kids at each party. There was a limo outside for one of the girls party. Wow! Thats really all I have to say about that. 
Once we sit down they gave Lexi this awesome kids packet with a board game, a color changing crayon, and a big booklet with stickers to occupy her until the food came. Then they gave all the kids balloons. In the two hours we were there she still didn't finish all the puzzles in the activity book. Understand the two hours was not because the waiter was slow, but they just eat at a much more relaxed pace and do not rush people out at restaurants here. 
It was nice to experience so much that reminded us of home, but there is always little differences that remind us that we are in London.

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