Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Weekend: Leeds Castle and Paralympics

We headed back to London on Sunday, but stopped by Leeds Castle on the way home. The castle is much smaller than Dover Castle, but the castle grounds were amazing.

We had to take a land train to the castle.

The flower garden was full of beautiful flowers.

They had a bird watching station for the kids.

The thing the kids loved the most was the hedge maze. 
I must say were were throughly impressed with this maze. 
It took us much longer than we expected to get through it.

Lexi found her way first.

Neil was lost in the hedges.

Neil and I were the last to find our way out.

Once you completed the maze, you had to go through this underground grotto that was filled with statues. It had an under the sea theme and was quite impressive. Most of the pictures didn't turn out because of the weird lighting.

On Monday the kids had to go back to school, but Ray and I continued our fun extended weekend by going to the Paralympics.

Misty playing in empty rows.

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