Monday, January 3, 2011


Having recently moved to London, we are excited about all the potential travel opportunities that are available. We thought it would be fun to create a family travel blog that tells of our journeys. Before we get into telling you about our travels, we thought we'd write up a brief bio of everyone so you can get to know us a little.

I'm the logical one. I'm the one that worries about the budget and keeps the blog updated. Don't get me wrong, I have fun on the trips, but I am the one who frets over the details. If my reviews sound dry it is only so I can help others learn from my experiences to make their trips as awesome as mine!

On a personal note, I have stayed home with my kids for the past 12 years. I am the crafty Martha Stewart type, but I also enjoy being outdoors especially near the water. I enjoy baking, sewing, and knitting. While we are in Europe I hope to see France and perhaps pick up some French along the way.

I am a submarine sailor for the US Navy. Until now my job has taken me to 5 of the 7 seas and every ocean in the world. I have made port calls to every corner of both North and South America, sailed all over the Spanish Main, ben from one end of what used to be the Roman Empire to the other, and pulled into islands so small or remote that they are not on most maps.

The Navy finally saw fit to let me go to shore duty. The only catch -- it is in England so the following are "port calls" I am privileged enough to make with my family. This is how they see new and interesting places, the strange people they meet, and the stranger customs and traditions we run across.

Neil (aka the Geek):
"The Geek" is a untrademarked 12 year old (almost 13) Geek. (:) sorry I clammed ha ha ha. So ya Review: blah blah blah baaa. Well thats me for ya.

Neil will be writing the food reviews. We try to make a point to go somewhere that sells goodies, and if we eat at a restaurant Neil is the perfect children's food critic because he hates anything that is remotely healthy.

I am a person who loves shiny things. I am very whimsical. My fave word is cheese. I want to see the Louve and the Mona Lisa. My lucky number is 2.

Lexi will be doing a creative story interruption of our day. She is very imaginative and has just as much fun writing her review as she does exploring new adventures.

Well Misty can't talk yet, as of now she can barely walk. Her reviews will more or less be how baby friendly are the places we visit.

Well that is us, hopefully I can get some pictures of us up here soon.


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