Monday, May 16, 2011

France Trip: Day 6 Foodies Day

Today is our anniversary! We planned to spend it doing farm tours and eating a lot of yummy food. France is known for their food after all. We had a bit of problems with our SatNav (GPS System), and we ended up only seeing some of the places on our list. The few tours we hoped to get ended up not working out, so the day was a bit of a wash. The caramel factory we went to only did tours in French, but the gift soft was wonderful. The cheese factory only did tours in the summer, but the chocolate factory worked out wonderfully. I got to play around with cocoa beans, and they even had some at the gift shop which I bought as a souvenir. The lady behind the counter was trying to tell me in her best English that I am not to eat them. I knew that I couldn't eat them, but Ray kept saying "what if we .... or how about???" I felt bad for the lady because she couldn't get her point across to Ray lol. I have the same problem and I speak English lol, just kidding huh :) 

The pics for the day came from the city of Bayeaux. They had a candy store in town that was really awesome. The guy took his candy and made sculptures that were just awesome. I wanted to take a picture, but he didn't speak good enough English for me to ask and I didn't want him to think I was stealing his idea. The kids had a great day and got a lot of candy for their Easter baskets. It was so good to see how good spirited the kids were even though the day was a complete wash to me and Ray. The kids kept saying, I don't see the problem because at the end of the day they got to try all the food they wanted despite the fact the tours didn't work out. Of course dinner didn't work out either because for whatever reason the nice restaurant the owner of the Gite recommended to us was closed every other day of the week.

We tried to go to some of the world renowned apple orchards. None of the addresses worked in our GPS. So we tried a few chocolatiers, and only found one. The tours were entirely in French (and of only a small time operation - the speech/tour was given entirely in a meeting room by the gift shop). We opted to go through the gift shop and buy some Easter candy for the kids' Easter baskets. Then we tried some of the famous confectioners' factories and artisan shops. Same results of having only found one with a lame tour. Again we simply opted for the gift shop and some more Easter basket candy. After all this driving around and not finding much of anything we tried to go to a local restaurant which had been recommended by the owner of the Gite. It was closed, and because of the lateness of the hour we had to high tail it to the local grocers to buy some dinner stuff before they closed. About the only part of the day that wasn't a wash was Angie's wonderful cooking. The fact that she had to cook on our Anniversary kind of bummed us all out though.

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