Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Holland Trip: Day 2 Duinrell and Scheveningen Beach

Ray's Journal:
The next day all the children want to do is go the water park and amusement park which are attached to the camp. Neil, Misty, and Angie go explore the amusement park while Alexis and myself go to the indoor water park. The water slides they have are awesome! They encompass everything from beginner to outstanding coolness in a water tube. Lexi and I are there for 2 hours (our limit based on what we paid, but also on our stamina). we really enjoyed the fun here.

Angie's Journal:
Our day started off with us taking care of a few things before we went to have some fun at the attached theme park. First order of business get our "passport photos" for the IDs required to get into the park.

Family Photos for ID cards

Next we had to go to the grocery store to check out the local goodies.

Pancake shaped sponge cake
We then went to the theme park and had some fun. We ended up splitting up because Lexi REALLY wanted to do the water park and Neil wanted to do the theme park. It was a lot of fun, but since I had Misty and Ray was in the water we have no pictures of the amusement park.

For dinner we decided to try a pancake house which The Netherlands seems to have in abundance. Before our trip, a couple friend of ours told us to go to Scheveningen Beach if we could. Fortunately, we were staying nearby and there was a pancake house on the beach strip.

The red canopy is 't Pannekoekenhuisje that we had dinner.
By the time we hit the beach we were starving, so it was very fortunate the Pancake House was one of the first restaurants we came across. Behind the restaurants is the fancy building in the background is the Kurhaus hotel.

Scheveningen Beach Walk
As we continued down the beach, we came across a lot of restaurants that were actually on the beach. The kids wanted to go back later in the week to one of these restaurants, but we never made it back.

Somewhere along the beach, Lexi found a bungee trampoline place. We had decided the kids can do one "experience" of their choice every day on this holiday. Ironically, this was the only day they did anything; Neil blew his money at the arcade.

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