Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Holland Trip Day 3: The Keukenhof

Neil's pic
The beauty of the Keukenhof was amazing. Lots of beautiful flowers 
and fountains all throughout the gardens. 

Neil's pic from the car
On our drive to the Keukenhof we saw various fields of tulips and other bulb all along the way.

The funny part about the day is that Neil had the most fun this day because he enjoyed taking pictures.

Neil's pic

Neil's pic of the family

Some of the gorgeous tulips we found.

This is just by our table we ate at for lunch.

There was many sculptures and art work in the gardens. 
Neil had the idea of using this piece of art for a funny picture.

There was the famous wooden dutch shoes all over the place 
that we convinced the kids to get in for photo ops.

This was a bridge a mini obstacle course going over one of the canals. 
The as you can see Neil got a little wet, but then again so did I.

When you climb up the windmill, you get a view of the tulip fields.

Neil's pic
The kids and I were quite amused by watching this guy dance 
around knocking his wooden clogs together to the beat of the giant calliope.

Ray's Journal:
Day 2 dawns and we go the Keukenhof, a world renowned Tulip farm and castle. The tulips are not all in bloom, it appears that we came a week early. We found out that the boat ride through the tulips must be made in advance or you can wait for several hours. But the rest of the park is pretty swank! There are tons of tulips and other flowers as expected, but there are playgrounds and hedge mazes (by now you know how much the Goodwin family loves those!) and statuary and a windmill. The castle is not part of the Keukenhof tour, but is still part of the picturesque scenery of the most photographed tulip field in the world. It was an awesome trip.

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  1. Neil has quit the eye for photography! All the pictures are so beautiful and so are the girls.