Sunday, July 15, 2012

Farnborough Air Show

Friday Ray and I were discussing what to do this weekend. During the conversation, one of Ray's to see if we wanted tickets to the Farnborough Air Show. A bit freaky, but it was much appreciated.

The kids love air shows. It goes back to living in Seattle where we'd go to the air shows that had hydrofoil races in between flying demonstrations. While there were no hydrofoil races, the kids (including Ray) had a blast.

The first thing Ray wanted to see was the Virgin Galactic display. They actually had Space Ship Two there. We were surprised to find out just how soon they will be making tourist flights into space. Before next June Branson and his family will take the first flight into space, and thereafter the will start flying the 500+ passengers they have already reserved their space flight. Price to go up into space: about $225,000.

The kids loved all the rides they had. Misty especially loved all the toddler rides. 
Almost everything here was free, so the kids had a lot of fun in the family zone.

Misty loves train rides.

While zorbing sounded cool, the soggy field they played in got the kids all muddy :(

Neil spent an hour putting together a model airplane. 
He forgot to grab the paint kit to finish it at home though.

There was a toddler tent where they can crawl around in pop-up tunnels and make some crafts. 
This is Misty after she made her crown. At first glance this is just another cute picture of Misty, 
but look closer at her face and you can't help but laugh.

Misty got to see Peppa Pig and George....oink!

Ok this was CRAZY! The Mercedes had a kids driving course the kids got to go on. 

These are real cars that they are ACTUALLY driving.

Both of the kids surprised us at how well they handled the whole driving experience.

They both were able to move all around the obstacle course, including parking in reserve, without knocking over any cones. They also both claimed the instructor didn't even have to step on the brake (they were drivers ed cars).

Lexi after driving.

Neil after driving.

So one thing we splurged on was paying for Lexi to go on a helicopter ride. Nobody else was brave enough to go with her, but we made friends with some ladies in line who went up with her.

It was only a 5 minute ride, but Lexi got lucky and was able to sit up front.

She LOVED it! What a wonderful experience. Everyone was so 
exhausted by the end of the day from all the fun they had.

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