Friday, July 6, 2012

Med Cruise Day 9: Marseille

Ray's Journal

The port call today was short due to sailing times. We only had 8 and half hours in port. That was shortened by even more us being lazy and getting a slow breakfast, then having to catch a bus to get into town.

Both Neil and Lexi chose not to go with us today - Lexi was still feeling very tired from her sunburn and Neil was just tired (something about staying up till 1 AM every morning but it was difficult to understand him since he was mumbling into his pillow).

The shuttle bus the cruise provided took us into town and dropped us off at the local marina (A nice place for people like me, but not what we were after today). We walked 2 blocks before we decided to learn from yesterday - we hailed a cab. The cab took us to the rent a car place efficiently and he spoke english pretty well. The rent a car was actually a passenger van with a manual transmission. The thing took a lot of gas to get going into first gear and had a really sticky clutch. It was a pain to drive - but it had great fuel economy!

Last night on our balcony
Angie did the best she could to plan today. There was very little information available online for this region of France. We intended to go to a normal french town and shop their market, but the one that got the best reviews online had no market. We were a little short of time so we couldn’t look into other towns. But we did some light shopping (of the baked variety) in Loirmarine. Then we left and drove to Cocuron where the Lavender drive begins. We drove several miles of it, but saw very little Lavender. I think Angie probably thinks the day is a wash, but it was nice to get out and see the beautiful French countryside with the love of my life.

We got back to the rent a car place and our cabbie was waiting for us. The turn in process was easier than any other I have ever had. The cab ride back to the boat, though was solemn. I’m not sure if it was just everyone was tired or hungry or if everyone was regretting that this was our last night on the boat; but the cab ride was quiet. 

Angie's Journal

The kids looked warn out when they woke up, and Lexi was still not feeling well from her sunburn. So I actually let the kids stay on the ship while my mom, Ray, Misty, and I went out to Marseille. Over this whole trip the older kids have shown just how grown up and mature they have become. When we got back, we even discovered that Neil stayed in the room to take care of Lexi.

We made it to our rental car much easier today since we decided to hail a cab from where the boat shuttle bus dropped us off. I felt bad for the families who decided to skip the shuttle bus (it charged a few dollar a person to ride) and walk from the ship to town. It was easily a 5 mile hike to anywhere. I realized then how grateful I am for not being THAT cheap lol.

Ray struggled a bit with the rental car, which ended up being a 9 passenger van for some reason. There was nothing small that would accommodate our original group size of 6. Anyways, we drove through the beautiful French countryside with all the vineyards and some mountains. I was hoping to see some Lavender fields, but the area was so beautiful I didn't care. Sadly we didn't stop for pictures much because we were on a time crunch. Well also Ray was the only photographer with us that day and he was busy trying to drive the monster van we were given.

This was the last day of our cruise. We had to pack up all our bags and set them out. No more port calls, no more all you can eat food, and no more stupid towel animals lol.

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