Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Med Cruise Day 4: Day at Sea

Ray's Journal

The cruise line had a lot of activities planned for all ages for this day at sea. I guess they need to keep guests entertained. With over 4,000 people onboard though everything seemed overly crowded.
Everybody pretty much went their own way today. Neil spent the entire day in the teen center. I’m not joking - we saw him running through the ship with his friends 4 times (on a scavenger hunt). The rest of the day he spent in the teen center. Lexi tried the tween zone, but said it was totally lame. So she divided her time between swimming and eating ice cream. I counted 7 soft serve cones, but oddly I didn’t see her with a single hard pack serving. Let’s look at her entry in the blog to see if she discloses how many ice cream cones she really had. (She confessed to 35 on the day at sea!)

Misty got sick today. She has spent the last 3 or 4 days with what appears to be allergies, but today she contracted a fever and extreme lethargy. That worried Angie and me enough to prompt paying for the onboard doctor. He examined her and said she has what he believes to be a viral cough. So he prescribed her a toddlers Z-pack (Azethramyacin) and pedialyte as she appeared mildly dehydrated. She perked up an hour later and didn’t want Grandma to go to sleep - play with me grandma!

With Misty sick we were going to stay in the cabin all night, but Grandma said she would rather watch a sick Misty than a show. So Lexi, Angie, and Myself went to see the Blue Man group. The whole family had wanted to see this performance for a few years, sadly Neil didn’t pay enough attention to the time and missed out. This was our first time watching this troupe of performers, but it was way more than any of us expected. I even got volunteered to be in the show! They pulled me up on stage and dressed me in a set of coveralls and a motorcycle helmet then took me backstage and tied a rope around my ankles. They sprayed with me paint and hoisted me up by the rope. Then they swung me into a canvas hanging against the wall a few times. Then they held me to the canvas and splashed paint over me again (to give an outline of my body on the canvas). After that they shoved me in a box with Jello over my head, rolled me out on stage and ate the jello off of me until I could crawl out. It was an absolutely amazing performance! I am so very sorry we couldn’t record any of it!

Angie and I went to the local steak house and got what could possibly be the best steak I have eaten in 10 years! It was cooked exactly the way I think of steak when I say medium well. I haven’t had a steak whose cook knew what medium well actually meant since I was on a business trip in Houston. This steak was juicy and the individual fibers melted apart from each other on my tongue. It had the perfect amount of peppercorn rubbed into it, and the mushroom sauce was just syrupy enough to make it stick but still sink into the meat. Angie got a veal cutlet which was also melt in your mouth perfect. I tasted this steak even after I brushed my teeth for the night. I thought I might even be gifted enough to have dreamed about this steak, but sadly, I didn’t.

After that we came back to check on Misty and go to bed. What a day.

Angie's Journal

A day at sea is usually fun as you explore all the cool things the ship has to offer. Unfortunately this HUGE ship had very little to offer except lots of staterooms and crowded common areas. Lexi checked out the Tween club, but sadly it was lame. Throughout the whole cruise they treated her like a little kid. It was a bit frustrating for her, but she managed to entertain herself quite well. Ray and I planned Bingo to kill some time, but we were able to take Misty to the Dora event we wanted to because she got pretty sick. She just looked terrible, so we took her to the ship's doctor. He said it was a respiratory infection and seemed concerned about her. After getting some medicines my mom took Misty off our hands so Ray and I could have some time together. 

After lunch, Ray pointed out we were passing between two islands: Corsica and Sardinia. It was neat to see the two islands so close together. We could make out little details of the villages on both islands. The ship had to go really slow, which Ray said was because the water wasn't very deep and there is only a few paths deep hulled ships can go through between the two islands.

I had another acupuncture appointment while Ray took a nap. He was going to workout, but the bed seemed more tempting lol. After we checked up on Misty, we (Lexi, Ray, and I) went to see the Blue Man Group. Ray got selected to participate in the show, which was so awesome! Too bad Neil didn't get to see it because he was so absorbed by the teen club. Afterwards we ate dinner at a fancy steakhouse dinner on the boat. Misty went to bed early and slept well all night. 

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