Monday, July 18, 2011

Cornwall Trip: Day 1 The Journey Begins

Sunset on sand dune at resort

Driving by Stonehenge unexpectedly
Our drive to Cornwall was long and full of traffic. We lost nearly 3 hours in traffic. The journey got infinitely better when we unexpectedly drove by Stonehenge. Apparently it is just off the freeway. Unfortunately we could not stop because the traffic was so terrible, but we decided to see it on the way home when we had more time. A few other random events happened that made the trip nicer after that. One of which was a roadside farm stand selling fresh strawberries and cherries. They were so good, and it helped add to the excitement of the trip.

Ray and I with sunset in background
We finally arrived to our resort and checked in. The space was very spacious and it had a nice floor plan. From the entry way you have a small kitchen and living room/dining room. From there you go into a patio/courtyard which gave access to the bathroom and two bedrooms. This is designed for parents to stay up after the kids go to bed without disturbing them with the noise of the TV.  The courtyard was covered so it could be used when it rained. Misty loved the courtyard because it gave her a lot of space to play. The sides of the courtyard had small rectangular sandpits. These were designed to allow you to dry your towels and clothes on the line above. Also it gave us a place to sweep the sand from the beach, but most importantly it gave Misty something interesting to play in. Our sand toys got more use in the courtyard than on the beach.

Once we unloaded the car we went grocery shopping at Tesco to buy supplies for our meals and snacks. At the end of the day we were all tired and hungry so we crashed at the chalet for the rest of the night and rested for a week of FUN!!!!


The trip to Cornwall started off with a few surprises. About halfway through our short drive we rain into unexplained traffic. After a half hour of waiting we realized the traffic was due to everyone trying to turn off the highway and into the carpark for Stonehenge. After all of Angie's careful planning neither of us had realized Stonehenge was on our path.
Kids running to the beach for the first time this week

After clearing the traffic for Stonehenge, we ran into a battalion air wing of the helicopter arm of the Royal Air Force putting on an air show for the local populace. It was interesting to drive around a curve in the road to see an entire air wing of attack choppers hovering above the roadway and others in various locations around town. It was, of course, just another Saturday drive for the Goodwin family.

We followed this normal drive with a normal grocery store run. We bought the food needed for our week in a beachside cabin resort. Then we hit the beach!
Me and Misty making our way to the beach

The beach resort was on a bluff overlooking the ocean to the west. To get to it, though, we had to slide down a 150 feet of sand dune. There was a near constant updraft over these dunes which proved useful to para-sailors all week. It was kind of weird to watch someone in a parachute hanging out just 10 to 15 feet above our heads.

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