Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cornwall Trip: Day 3 Surf Lessons/Tintagel Castle

Tintagel Castle wall


Tintagel Castle
This is the day of my surf lessons. After our cold adventure at the beach, I was very worried about these lessons. I have always wanted to learn to surf, but with Ray's busy boat schedule it never happened when we lived in Georgia. I had been working out for 3 months before these lessons in hopes of being in good enough shape. Of course after 4 hours in the water I felt like it was not nearly enough. While I gradually improved all day, I did not succeed in standing up on the board. I could get both feet on the board, but I didn't have the balance to let go of the board. I think with more practise I'd be able to stand on the surf board. It didn't help that the waves were terrible. I probably would not have even tried to boogie board on them. I'm not sure if that helped or hurt my chances, but the instructors were very positive and said I did great for my first day of lessons. I later learned most people take multiple half day lessons throughout the week. I was so exhausted at the end of the day. We ate out at a nice family friendly pub that had an indoor playground for the kids. Ray and the kids were quite tired after their day at Tintagel Castle seeing all the King Arthur stuff. The one downside of the day is I really did a number on my bad ear which ended up giving me problems the rest of the week. I had a blast though!!!


Tintagel Castle

A few years before our youngest was born I promised my wonderful wife that she would get surf lessons. I decided this would be a great time to make good on that promise, so I set up lessons for Angie while we were in Cornwall (the best surfing south of Scotland's Northern coast). This was the day that she was to take her all day lessons.

I took the kids to Tintagel castle. Its ruins now, but it is thought to be the most likely place for Trystand and Isilde, the famous lovers who are thought to have inspired King Arthur myth.

The castle was a neat place to visit, and a bit of a workout. There was a lot of stairs to climb, and I did that with a baby strapped to my chest, so it was a bit of a workout.

Merlin's Castle

Merlin's cave was underneath the castle ruins, but the ocean was only a few hours from high tide, so it was closed to the public. We went onto the beach near the cave and found other caves and the area it was believed the first king would have landed upon nearly 1700 years ago.

random caves near Merlin's cave

There was 1,726 stairs we climbed at Tintagel castle.

Lexi at Tintagel

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