Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cornwall Trip: Day 4 Eden Project


The Eden Project was on the schedule for the day. This is the UKs version of the Biodome. The whole place was crowded which really took away from the coolness factor. When we were going through the gardens outside it wasn't so bad, but inside the Biomes it was pretty crowded. You had to go through at a shuffle pace and you saw more of the crowd than of the plants. That combined with the excessive admission charge made this one of our least favorite attractions. Don't get me wrong, it was cool, but there just was a feeling of "This was it" when we finished. When we got back to the resort the kids played on the playground until dark. 
Tuesday was to be our Eden project day. Our online research led us to believe this would be much like a Bio-dome and research facility. It was quite a drive from anywhere, so we were hoping for a good time. We got there to a largely built up area for tourist awareness. There were only two domes - one for Mediterranean and one for rainforest. The entire rest of the park is designed to be a social engineering project to transform the way people think about being ecologically educated.

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