Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cornwall Trip: Day 5 Extreme Fun


We started by taking Neil and Ray to a go-kart race track. They got to dress up in racing suits and go around the track for 20 minutes. After the boys were done having fun it was Lexi's turn for some crazy fun.  Next door to KartWorld was an Extreme zip-line. Ray was brave enough to go down once with Lexi. Lexi went down once more on her own. It took over 45 minutes for them to get to the bottom. Lexi was so happy.

After the aderlian rush, we headed onto someplace more calm but definitely just as fun. The place was called Hidden Valley Discovery Park, but it was really a big farm that was converted to a family scavenger hunt. It is meant to duplicate a British game show called the Crystal Maze where you have to complete random tasks and challenges to get crystals. The number of crystals you get allows you more time in "The Valut." We arrived late afternoon so we only had time to find one crystal. That gave us 5 1/2 minutes in the valut which had 5 challenges we had to complete. We actually finished the challenges with 1:08 left, which the guy said was the best time of the day. There was other things there as well such as a mini coal train ride, various gardens, a maze, a little hobbits house, and a good size playground which Misty enjoyed. After our fun we had some ice cream and discovered honey comb flavor.


This was an....ahem...adrenaline packed day. We started by going to "Adrenaline World" for some major zip-line riding and go-cart racing. They have the longest zip-line (tandem) in the UK with 490 meters long (that's roughly 1500 feet) zip line over the old rock quarry. I raced Lexi down.

Then I raced Neil around the go-cart track for 10 minutes. I was in one of those monster 220cc engine karts and was bouncing wheels and sliding in and out of drifts while Neil passed me.

After 3 jam packed hours there, we left and went to a place very much like the TV show "Crystal Maze." We ran around trying to find clues to the next clue until we finished. There was a coal burning kids ride train and a recreated Hobbit house and at the end - Ice Cream!

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